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STOP doing PULL-UPS Like This! (Do it RIGHT)
Join Chris Heria as he explains why you should STOP doing PULL-UPS Like This! Learn how to do them correctly so you can start training them to maximize workouts today.
Ninja Play at Merry Gym
With Merry Gym personal trainers’ assistance, first time users share their experiences on using Ninja Play G9.6 Gravity Gym.
Ninja Play at Physical Fitness
Ninja Play G9.6 Gravity Gym workout class training at Physical Fitness China.
10 Benefits of Doing Pull-Ups
When you do a pull-up, you work out several muscle groups at once, they efficiently build your biceps, triceps, wrist muscles, forearm muscles, shoulder, back muscles, core muscles, and the muscles in your hand. There are no exercises that work as many muscle groups as pull-ups.
Don't Do Pull-Ups Like This!
The brachioradialis and brachialis are muscles that are going to be contributing to the pull-up and your ability to do the most reps possible so you are going to need to train them. You just don’t want them being the main drivers of the exercise.