Gymnastic Rings
Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic Rings

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Ring Fly and Ring Dip training with G9.6 Gravity Gym.

1" Grip

Non-Slip Grip Tapes More secure on your training.


Da Vinci
Heel Control

When the whole body is in plank, all muscle groups are in harmony with each other and develop as a whole. The Da Vinci Heel Control anchors (orange buttons on the platform) ensure all users are in the plank position and trigger all muscle groups to work simultaneously. Mind and body coordination reflects on core muscle strength during all movements, plank is the fundamental strength for all.


Your Own

Anti-gravity platform + Motor Drive Adjustment provides 20%-90% adjustable gravity loads. That means you can adjust the supports you need from 20% x your bodyweight to 90% x your own bodyweight. Higher percentage meaning it's closer to training without any supports, closer to just only using your own bodyweight. Opposed to the other equipment, providing additional resistance while working out, this platform offers all users their own adjustable gravitational field.

Full Agility

With a premium training rope, and two pull-up bars included in G9.6 Gravity Gym, you can explore the endless full agility workout possibilities.

Fits in
Any Space

Premium caster wheels allow you to easily roll G9.6 Gravity Gym to any desired training spots, plus its built-in rechargeable battery holder, no more stressful wall plugs and long wires.

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